Financial Pro Forma

In developing this proposal, we have worked hard to ensure that what we have visualized can actually be attained, and that we understand at this early phase the high-level costs of the entire project so we can plan accordingly. In laying out the spaces, we have considered market acceptable rents for new commercial floor areas and we have planned and budgeted accordingly to ensure that this development has the greatest opportunities for success.

Site Remediation: $2,000,000
Cost of Construction: $17,356,950
Landscaping: $1,500,000
Architectural / Engineering Costs: $1,508,556
Legal Costs: $500,000
For a more detailed analysis please see the Booklet links at the top of this page.

We feel that from a financial perspective this project is a very strong proposal. In addition to the Harbour development itself, this project will have a major benefit to all developments that are planned within the area. New residents to the Cotton Mills Lofts developments, existing residents of the Le Village and larger Cornwall, local businesses and service providers will all benefit from the diverse mixed-use resources offered within the redeveloped Harbour building.

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