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It is rare to find a site like Cornwall Harbour that has so much history while at the same time having so much potential.

The Cornwall Harbour is presently being leased as a storage and warehousing facility. The building, commonly referenced as ‘the tin shed,ʼ is quite sizable measuring just over 45,000 square feet. Opening its doors in 1967, the Cornwall Harbour was used by cargo ships, tall ships (vintage early period sailing vessels) and Navy frigates. The wharf length is 175m; wharf width 9.5m; depth of 8.23m for a maximum vessel size of 225m, the turning radius is 300m.

On April 1, 1997 a fire threatened the east corner of the building; fire officials quickly extinguished the blaze.

Today several ships and crafts arrive at the Cornwall Harbour; however, the loss of industry along the St Lawrence River coupled with the use of land-based distribution centres in the provision of goods has resulted in diminished use of the Harbour in general.

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