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The goal of this exercise has been to demonstrate that it is possible to discover meaningful new opportunities and explore new ideas which can be transformative while engaging.

The vision presented here has great potential which we feel truly balances community demand while taking into consideration the real challenges of site and development considerations. The Cornwall Harbour site will require some initial forming of partnerships between the public and private sectors to allow it to become fully ready for development. As we see with the success of the Cotton Mills Loft Developments, the historic Le Village community holds great potential for development that benefits the community and private industry as well.

It is incredibly timely for Cornwall to be having a discussion now on its future. Across Canada and around the world, we see hundreds of other post-industrial communities facing the exact same challenges that are currently facing Cornwall. The loss of jobs at the departure of major industry has left many communities struggling to discover their future identity. GRG is confident that creative and engaging community solutions are not only possible, but the necessary answer to positively contribute to the shifting economic landscape of the City. Now is the time to proactively create and maintain the space for ensuring solid and engaged communities while also taking into account the changing demographic.

In order to accomplish positive change and implement the right solutions it is important to consider the economic and demographic trends. How will people be living and working in five or twenty-five years from now? GRG is committed to refining our ideas and ensuring existing and trending realities are part of the bigger picture and larger plan to effectively build the future. This entails thinking sustainably on how we use land, and actively taking responsibility for the resources we have, to act responsibly today to guarantee that our city has the best outcomes and foundations set for not only short term but longer term prosperity and growth for years to come.

Next Steps

How do we a make the possible a reality?

To bring this bold and exciting vision for the Harbour and Cornwall to reality will require active community engagement. The community needs to take charge and actively voice the issues of today to other stakeholders, politicians, and community organizations which, through their own resources, can play a role and share the responsibly to influence change.

The time is now to contact your municipal, provincial, and federal politicians and organizations and make own your community, express your desires, and voice your ideas to support such a vision. GRG hopes that this architectural vision can serve as a focal point to bring attention and discussion to the issues at hand, and that you take full advantage of our printed, video, and website material to foster the conversations that need to happen.

The true test of spirit and success for Cornwall will be a test of its ability to come together to make big, necessary change happen, both for the present but also with a vision of what your

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